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June 11, 2024

National Ride to Work Day

Do you enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle ride? Do you like to feel the wind in your hair and get that adrenaline rush? Or maybe you just want to save gas money. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of reasons why riding your motorcycle is great for both pleasure and business.

Less Air Pollution

Riding your motorcycle to work is good for the environment. Riding a motorcycle helps reduce air pollution, which can improve respiratory health and cut down on allergies in people who live near highways where motorcyclists are likely to commute by car or truck. Studies have shown that riding bikes continues this environmental benefit. The fewer vehicles on our roadways, the better.

Save Time

Riding a motorcycle has several benefits over driving long distances in a car, such as avoiding traffic jams and feeling more connected to nature due to not being enclosed inside of an automobile. While these are great reasons on their own, one might wonder if riding all that way will be worth it in terms of time saved compared to travelling by vehicle.

More Bang For Your Buck

Riding a motorcycle is good for your wallet, too. You can save money on gas if you ride your bike to work instead of driving or taking the bus. In addition, you can spend the savings on fueling up on caffeine during morning rush hour.

Space Saver 

Riding your motorcycle commuting may seem like it would cause problems with storage at home or at the office. Still, most motorcycles take up very little space, so there is no need for concern here. In fact, many riders only use their helmets and jackets when they ride, which makes them perfect commuters as well since they don’t need to bring much extra gear.

Good for your health

Riding a motorcycle is good for your health overall since motorcyclists are more active than drivers who ride in their cars all day long. This kind of movement helps increase blood flow which can improve heart health and keep your body limber.

Safety Measures

Wearing a helmet correctly means making sure it fits snugly and doesn’t rock from side to side. You should also ensure that your vision isn’t blocked and there are no extra pressure points on the inside of the helmet, which could lead to discomfort or an increase in risk if an accident occurs. If you have any concerns with your helmet, visit a local dealership or retailer to get it checked out. You should also consider wearing gloves and boots for optimum protection against debris from the road, leading to severe injuries if you aren’t protected by proper gear. Finally, wearing appropriate motorcycle clothing is another way to make sure you add an extra protective layer. Click here for more information.

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