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October 18, 2023

Taking Your Golf Cart to a Course

Can I Drive My Personal Golf Cart on the Golf Course?

Though the rules for use of personal golf carts vary from golf course to golf course and state to state, the majority of courses will allow you to use your own golf cart on the course if you wish. Some courses even offer storage options for your cart. For many golfers, the familiarity of driving their personal cart is a plus, as is the ability to stock and outfit your cart the way you want it. But, as you would expect, it’s not just a simple matter of driving up to the first tee and hitting your drive. That’s why the tire experts at Treadworld have put together this list of considerations to help you decide whether you’d prefer to drive your own cart, or rent one at the course.

Which is Cheaper—Renting or Driving Your Own Golf Cart? And What Is a Trail Fee?

Many golf courses will allow you to use your own golf cart, with conditions. You may need to pay a “trail fee” to help mitigate the wear and tear on the golf course. You may be required to pay an insurance fee for coverage in the event that you or someone else gets hurt related to your cart. And your cart may need to undergo a cart safety inspection before you can head out, to be certain your personal cart is course compliant. Charges vary from course to course, so you’ll want to identify the costs at your course of choice, then compare them to the cost of renting a cart for your round. Naturally, your figuring will take into account how often you hit the links. The more you play, the more likely using your own cart will make sense from a financial perspective, whereas if you play infrequently, renting a cart will probably make more financial sense.

What Are the Requirements to Make Your Golf Cart Course Compliant?

Again, these requirements will vary from course to course, but will generally include: whether you’re licensed to drive; whether you own a gas powered golf cart, a solar powered golf cart or an electric golf cart (some courses don’t allow gas golf carts); whether your cart is front or rear-wheel drive (some don’t allow front wheel drive); the overall weight and size of your cart (some limit size to 48” wide); the condition of safety features on your cart, like brakes and lights; and proof of insurance.

Your Personal Golf Cart Tires Must Be Golf Course Friendly

Your golf cart tires may also be the focus of inspection by the golf course overseers for obvious reasons. The wrong tread on a golf cart can do big-time damage to golf course turf, and golf course pros are not going to be happy if you tear up the fairways due to an aggressive tire tread. Sawtooth tread golf cart tires are commonly used on golf courses, and provide a good combination of turf-saving characteristics and traction. A wide shoulder-design turf pattern tread golf cart tire can provide excellent traction along with a smooth ride, with minimal wheel slip.

Your Personal Golf Cart Tires Must Be Maintained for Safety

Along with the tread, the condition of your golf cart tires will be evaluated because driving on poorly maintained golf cart tires poses a definite safety concern. Driving surfaces vary, from gravel to wet grass, and through trees, sand and water. Golf tires with a turf-friendly tread, which are optimally inflated, and that are in good shape with acceptable treadwear help keep you in control of your cart and also minimize damage to the golf course.

When You Need Tires for Golf Carts, Count on Treadworld

When it comes to golf cart tire replacement, or getting a spare golf tire, or new golf cart wheels and tires, count on us here at Treadworld to provide you with the high-performing, long-lasting tires for golf carts you want, in a wide range of golf cart tire sizes, styles and treads. All our RubberMaster Golf Cart Tires are manufactured to strict tolerances from top rubber compounds, then triple-tested for quality, balance and uniformity before being X-rayed to be sure they’re perfect. Easy ordering, fast shipping plus your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no-hassle Ultimate Advantage Warranty. We make changing golf cart tires easy. Don’t hesitate to contact our tire experts via live chat or email with any questions you may have, and to get the ideal tires for golf carts—or the perfect ATV tires, UTV tires, trailer tires, and many others—from our extensive selection.

Can I Drive My Own Golf Cart on the Golf Course

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